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Título: Multicriteria evaluation by gis to determine trail hiking suitability in a natural park
Autor/es: J. Vías Martínez, C. Ocaña Ocaña
Localización: BOLETÍN DE LA ASOCIACIÓN DE GEÓGRAFOS ESPAÑOLES, ISSN 0212-9426, N.66, 2014, págs. 323-339

Resumen: This paper presents a method for assessing the suitability of a paths network in a protected natural park for hiking, using a geographic information system. The evaluation is based on multi-criteria methods including the weighted linear sum and the distance to the ideal point. The results show that hiking activities can be developed in other sectors of the study area, which are as suitable as those currently established. This would decongest saturated areas and add value to other sectors of the natural park. Thus, development associated with this form of tourism can be extended to all the population centres in the area of influence of the natural area.

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